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Call Up 866 943-3951, toll free, to order a complete report from Angie’s List before hiring High Point Roofingv.

High Point Roofing can even assist people living in or near Bixby with roof work. This firm gives both retail and residential roofing and construction services in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

For those who simply need to have your roof inspected, you can call the business at 918 366-6944 and ask for a consultation. You will need to first call your insurance provider and make sure you comprehend their standard protocol concerning roof repair. If the insurance company makes the initial contact, have them call High Point Roofing. is one of the authorized contractors your homeowner’s insurance lists.

Complete contact data for High Point Roofing is given below, as are ratings from previous customers. You may also leave a review if you have worked with this company. And understand, it’s vital to pre-screen any roofing contractor before hiring them, and you can do so by calling Service Magic, toll-free, at 1-866-944-3796 or just click here.

High Point Roofing
17717 S 129th East Ave
Bixby, OK 74008-6528
Contact Person: Chris Conger, Owner
Phone: 918 366-6944

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