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Make a Call to 866 943-3951, toll free, to order a detailed report from Angie’s List before hiring Desco LLCv.

In the event you live in a home in the Guthrie area, you’ll like to acquire a quote from Desco LLC. For those who need a new roof put on your home, be sure to give them a call. Desco LLC, created in Logan County Oklahoma, gives consumer and commercial roofing as well as services associated with construction.

In the event you simply need to have your roof inspected, you can call this company at 405 282-7233 and request a consultation. It’s highly recommended to check with your insurance company to ensure this is the right thing to do and if Desco LLC You’ll also want to determine that Desco LLC has been legitimized by your homeowner’s insurance carrier.

Search below for a detailed map to track down this roofing contractor. There are also comments from real users of Desco LLC. There is also contact information for the company as well. Leave a review once you’ve worked with the company. Before you hire anyone to evaluate your roof, click here or call Service Magic at 1-866-944-3796 to verify the company’s references and reports. You’ll wish to do this prior to hiring anyone to do work on your home.

Desco LLC
1322 N Broad St
Guthrie, OK 73044-1827
Contact Person: Jackie Dunagan, Owner
Phone: 405 282-7233

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